Top Trends of 2024 in Custom Ring Jewelry Design

Hey guys, my name is Dominic Flex. I’m a custom jewelry designer that specializes in engagement and today we are going to be discussing the top trends of 2024. I’m very excited because this is a year that we are actually starting to see a pivot in designs and trends than we’ve been seeing for the last five years. Let’s dive into the fresh new designs that are making waves in the market.

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Classic Solitaires Rings: A Timeless Choice

Solitaires Rings have always been a classic style that never goes out of trend. It’s a design I highly recommend to anyone seeking something super classic. Moreover, it’s a style that ages well, avoiding the need for frequent updates. For those wanting to incorporate trends, consider opting for a trendy wedding band instead, which can be easily changed in and out. Adding elements like hidden halos and petal prongs can elevate the simplicity of a solitaire design, appealing especially to the preferences of gen z.

Maximalism: Embracing Boldness and Abundance

Maximalism rings, the opposite of minimalism, is making waves in 2024. It celebrates an abundance of everything, from mixed patterns to bold colors. This trend is reflected in jewelry through bigger, bolder, and sleek designs with influences of art deco. Unlike traditional art deco designs, which were busier, today’s maximalist designs feature geometric and sleek cuts, blending modern aesthetics with vintage charm.

Bezels: Minimalist Elegance with Added Mass

Bezels rings are gaining popularity for their minimalist yet imposing look. They can add mass to gemstones, making them appear larger, and hide any imperfections. This style also allows for setting stones low, making it practical for those with active lifestyles. Expect to see more angled shapes like asher cuts and emerald cuts, accentuating bold elegance.

Thicker Bands: Bold and Masculine Designs

Thicker bands are becoming a preferred choice for those seeking a bolder, slightly more masculine aesthetic. Despite being labeled as simple, thick bands can range from ornate to minimalistic. Adding elements like filigree or opting for a slightly domed design can enhance the band’s appeal. When choosing a thicker band, always opt for a comfort fit for added comfort, especially if your fingers tend to swell.

Florals: Adding a Touch of Romanticism

Floral designs are gaining prominence, offering a romantic touch to engagement diamond rings. While sleek and elegant designs have dominated discussions, there’s a growing demand for floral accents, vine work, and leaf motifs. Don’t limit yourself to ultra-classic designs; floral accents can add charm and character to any diamond ring.

Cluster Rings: A Fading Trend

Cluster rings, characterized by multiple smaller stones arranged together, are still present but are gradually fading out. While they offer a unique aesthetic and are often more affordable than single-stone rings, achieving symmetry is crucial. Asymmetry can lead to dissatisfaction over time, prompting a desire for a new ring.

Custom Engagement Rings: Tips and Tricks

When designing custom engagement rings, consider adding personal touches like birthstones on the inside of the shank. For thinner bands, build depth to prevent warping and stone loss. Additionally, avoid full eternity bands, opting instead for three-quarters, which allows for easier resizing.


In conclusion, the top trends of 2024 in custom jewelry design offer a diverse range of options for every style and preference. Whether you prefer classic solitaires, bold maximalist designs, or minimalist bezels, there’s something for everyone in the ever-evolving world of custom jewelry.


  1. What makes solitaire rings a timeless choice? Solitaire rings are timeless due to their classic design and ability to age well over time.
  2. Why are thicker bands gaining popularity? Thicker bands are preferred by those seeking a bolder, more masculine aesthetic in their jewelry.
  3. What should I consider when designing a custom engagement ring? When designing a custom engagement ring, consider adding personal touches like birthstones and ensuring the band is thick enough to prevent warping.
  4. Are cluster rings still in style? While cluster rings are still present, they are gradually fading out in favor of other designs due to the challenge of achieving symmetry.
  5. Why should I avoid full eternity bands? Full eternity bands can be challenging to resize, making them less practical for long-term wear.

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