Breville Filter Size Blinking: Troubleshooting Tips

The breville filter size blinking indicates that the machine cannot detect the filter or it is not installed correctly. To troubleshoot, ensure the filter is installed properly and the machine is cleaned.

Breville coffee machines are renowned for their quality, durability, and performance. Their simple design makes them user-friendly, and their advanced features make them popular with coffee lovers worldwide. However, sometimes problems can occur, such as the breville filter size blinking, which indicates an issue with the filter size.

This article will explain how to troubleshoot the issue and offer tips on how to avoid it in the future. By following these steps, you can get your breville coffee machine up and running, so you can enjoy your coffee without interruption.


Understanding Breville Filter Size Blinking

When it comes to making a good cup of coffee, every small aspect is crucial, including the filter size. The breville filter size blinking is a common issue that many coffee lovers face, especially those who use the breville coffee maker.

So what is breville filter size blinking, and how does it affect the coffee-making process?

What Is Breville Filter Size Blinking?

Breville filter size blinking is an indication showing that there is not enough coffee in the filter for the selected cup size. It’s a warning sign that signals the operator that the coffee could be weak, and the machine needs more coffee to be added.

When the breville coffee maker displays the filter size blinking, it means the coffee maker is not working correctly.

How Does It Affect The Coffee-Making Process?

Breville filter size blinking affects the coffee-making process in several ways:

  • The first effect is that the coffee maker won’t dispense any coffee until enough grounds are added, which can result in a delay, especially if you are in a rush.
  • The second effect is that the coffee could be weak, or the taste might be compromised as the coffee maker cannot extract flavors effectively with insufficient or inadequate amounts of coffee grounds.
  • Lastly, if you don’t address the issue, breville filter size blinking can also damage your coffee maker in the long term and cause expensive repairs.

To overcome this problem, always make sure you add the correct amount of coffee grounds in the filter before starting the coffee cycle. If the machine is still showing the issue, make sure you clean the filter and the coffee maker regularly to prevent any damage to the machine.

If you encounter the breville filter size blinking issue, it’s a warning to act quickly to ensure you are getting the best and the rich taste of coffee in every cup. Hence, pay attention to the error messages of your coffee maker to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Troubleshooting Tips For Breville Filter Size Blinking

Breville Filter Size Blinking – Troubleshooting Tips

If you own a breville coffee maker, you might have come across the problem of the breville filter size blinking. This issue can be quite frustrating, especially when you want to make your morning coffee. The good news is that this problem is fixable, and you do not necessarily have to take your coffee maker to a repair shop.

Here are some easy troubleshooting tips for fixing your breville coffee maker when the filter size is blinking.

Common Causes Of Breville Filter Size Blinking

The breville filter size blinking issue can be caused by multiple factors. Knowing what causes this issue can help you prevent it from happening in the future or fix it quickly when it occurs. Here are some common causes of the breville filter size blinking issue:

  • Coffee grind is too fine
  • Coffee grind is too coarse
  • Water temperature is low
  • Coffee filter basket is not inserted correctly
  • Coffee grounds are not distributed evenly in the filter basket
  • Coffee filter basket is overloaded

Cleaning The Machine To Avoid Breville Filter Size Blinking

Keeping your breville coffee maker clean is crucial in avoiding the filter size blinking issue. Dirty coffee makers are prone to this issue, but luckily, it is preventable. Here are some tips for cleaning your breville coffee maker:

  • Clean the coffee basket and filter
  • Clean the coffee maker’s shower head
  • Descale your coffee maker every 3-4 months
  • Always empty the coffee grounds immediately after use
  • Clean the water tank regularly

Step-By-Step Guide To Fixing Breville Filter Size Blinking

If cleaning your coffee maker does not fix the breville filter size blinking issue, here is a step-by-step guide to help you fix it:

  • Turn off your coffee maker and unplug it from the socket.
  • Remove the coffee basket from the machine.
  • Check if there is any coffee stuck in the coffee maker’s grinder. If so, remove it carefully.
  • Check the coffee basket for any damaged parts. Replace any worn parts immediately.
  • Insert the coffee filter basket correctly and ensure it is well seated.
  • Add coffee to the filter basket, ensuring it is distributed evenly.
  • Press down the filter basket to secure it in place.
  • Turn on the coffee maker and wait for it to heat up.
  • If the filter size light does not blink, then the issue is fixed. If it still blinks, try grinding the coffee coarser or using less coffee.

Following these troubleshooting tips should easily fix the breville filter size blinking issue without incurring any significant cost. Peradventure the problems persist, you can refer to the manufacturer’s user manual or contact breville’s customer service for more assistance.

How To Prevent Breville Filter Size Blinking

Breville Filter Size Blinking: How To Prevent This Issue

Breville coffee machines are a reliable option for coffee aficionados, but just like any other machine, they are not immune to issues. One of the most common problems that users face is the breville filter size blinking issue. If you’re one of the users grappling with this problem, then you’re in for a treat.

This article guides you through the process of preventing the breville filter size blinking issue. Read on to learn more.

Maintenance Tips For Breville Coffee Machines

To ensure your coffee machine’s longevity, proper maintenance is key. Below are some simple maintenance tips that will keep your breville coffee machine functioning optimally:

  • Regular cleaning is necessary for your breville coffee machine. A clean machine translates to better-tasting coffee and longevity. Clean the filter holder, portafilter, and drip tray regularly.
  • Descaling is also critical to ensure that your coffee machine is free of impurities and blockages. Use a descaling solution and flush it with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The water you pour into the coffee maker should be filtered, or you can use spring water.
  • Keep the coffee machine away from running water, which can damage the machine.

Best Practices To Avoid Breville Filter Size Blinking

The breville filter size blinking may occur due to several reasons, including the use of improper filter sizes, over-tamping, and build-up of coffee grinds around the filter holder. Follow the tips below to prevent breville filter size blinking:

  • Only use the correct filter size for your coffee machine. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or manual to ensure that the machine’s filter size matches the portafilter.
  • Properly tamp the coffee grinds by exerting moderate pressure. Over-tamping can lead to incorrect filter sizes and, therefore, blinking. Also, ensure that the ground coffee dose is appropriate for the basket’s size.
  • Keep the filter basket and portafilter clean and free of any coffee residues. The build-up of coffee grinds around the filter holder can cause the blinking issue.

Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Other Breville Coffee Machine Issues

If your breville coffee machine experiences any issues other than blinking, below are some troubleshooting tips that will come in handy:

  • If the coffee tastes bitter, it could result from over-extraction of the coffee. Reduce the brewing time or switch to a coarser grind to fix the issue.
  • If the coffee is too weak, it results from under-extraction. Try to brew for a longer time or use a finer grind.
  • Low coffee flow could indicate a blockage in the coffee maker’s tubes. Use a needle to clear the blockage.

The breville filter size blinking issue is preventable with proper maintenance and adherence to best practices. Knowing the above tips and applying them will ensure that your coffee machine performs optimally for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Breville Filter Size Blinking

What Does The Blinking Filter Size Mean On My Breville?

The blinking filter size indicates that the machine detects an incorrect filter size or no filter.

Why Is My Breville Showing The Filter Size Blinking Error?

The breville machine is programmed to alert you when the filter size is incorrect or not present.

How Can I Fix The Filter Size Blinking Error On My Breville?

Detach the filter and reattach it properly. If the issue persists, try cleaning the filter and machine.

Can My Breville Function Without A Filter?

The breville machine requires a filter for proper functioning. Attempting to use the machine without a filter can damage it.

Is It Safe To Continue Using My Breville With The Filter Size Blinking Error?

Continuing to use the breville machine with the filter size blinking error can damage the machine and cause subpar coffee.


After following the troubleshooting steps discussed in this post, you should now have a clear idea of what to do when your breville filter size is blinking. Remember, this issue may occur due to different reasons, but the solutions are usually easy and simple.

You can try cleaning the filter basket, checking the water level, resetting the machine, or performing descaling. Always remember to switch off and unplug your breville machine before attempting any of these solutions. As a breville machine owner, it is important to maintain your machine regularly to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

By following these steps, you can quickly solve the blinking filter size issue and continue enjoying your delicious coffee. We hope this post has been informative and helpful.

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