Hottest Tablets to Get in 2024

Tablets serve as the perfect midpoint for utility and form factor between laptops and mobiles. Too small and the device can’t be used as a business workhorse. Too big and the device doesn’t stay portable enough for those who shift positions a lot. And that’s where tablets come in. Offering themselves as an anchor for all your social media activity, business activity, and gaming activity, tablets are the perfect devices for bringing balance to your digital life. 

2024 saw a lot of gadgets and gizmos froth forth in spades. Many of these technological wonders ended up making it big in the tech space. Especially tablets, rocking the Android OS and the Apple OS as well. If you’re in the market to grab one for yourself then head on down below to check out our listicle.

We’ve sifted through some amazing finds and are confident that at least one of these is bound to hit home with you.

Apple iPad Air

There was a lot of hype when the M1 chip started coming in hot, integrated into Apple’s MacBook. Now, we have the iPad Air tablet getting the sweet treatment as well. Apple’s iPad Air is the first tablet to be getting the M1 chip, instantly making it an intimidating machine that powers through its processes without breaking a sweat. 

With a 10.9-inch liquid Retina display, 64 GB of storage, and a generous 256 GB SSD, this tablet has everything needed to make its processes super smooth. There are 12 MP cameras attached and a long battery life to make sure you can use the Air as your daily driver.

OnePlus Pad

OnePlus has lately decided to be privy to the wisdom of tablet manufacturers and have its go at the marketplace with the OnePlus Pad. Armed with a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 CPU and a gorgeous 144 Hz, 11.6-inch display, this tablet is ready to take the competition to the higher-ups. 

Since this is an Android tablet, that means you’ll have access to a wide variety of games available on Google Play. With a screen so good, who wouldn’t like to have a go at titles like Need for Speed, Real Racing, and Vector Motorsports? 

The only prerequisite that you’d need to meet is that of a reliable internet connection such as the one offered by ATT Internet. Good internet speeds allow multiplayer races to take place without any hiccups. With the amount of graphics and smoothness the OnePlus Pad allows you to have, it only makes sense that you pair it up with a viable internet connection.

Amazon Fire 7

An amazing buy for those on a budget. The Amazon Fire 7 is a tablet that gets the bare minimum done, in style. It’s got a little bit of everything but not too much of anything. Grab this device if you don’t feel like spending top dollar on a tablet or if you want a device that you’d use for reading e-books or playing games when on the go.

The Fire 7 has modest specs. A 2 MP camera on the rear, and a 2 MP camera on the front. The screen on this is 7 inches. Almost the same as a high-end phone. Memory is a measly 1 GB but honestly, if you’re utilizing cloud storage, you won’t even need to mind that. There’s a headphone jack and a couple of USB ports to keep you set up for plugging in your headphones and enjoying this tablet when on the move. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The Ultra has been fitted into the Tab’s name for a reason. No other tablet in our list comes close to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Firstly, because of such a long name. And secondly, Samsung was on a passionate mission to throw all their innovation into this device’s slim bezels when designing it. Powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 12 MP juggernaut cameras in the front and back, the Ultra is a beast in its own right. 

A 15-inch gigantic display is the main selling point of this technological beauty but there’s a lot more on board as well! We’re talking about storage that goes up to 512 GB, a slim, lightweight design that’s probably going to beat the one on your phone, and snappy performance. The only downside to this baby is the huge price point it retails at. Having the base price only starting at $1200 will definitely have many people shy away from buying it. But if you want the best, then this is it. 


That’s a wrap on all the tablets we have for you to check out as we head toward the end of 2024. Many of the aforementioned devices will be going up on sale during the Christmas season so keep your eyes peeled for advantageous sales. Good luck!

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