Blinking Light on Your LG Dishwasher? Here’s What to Do!

Lg dishwasher blinking light can indicate various issues with the machine. Troubleshoot the problem by checking the owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer for assistance.

A dishwasher is a convenient appliance that simplifies a significant household chore. Lg is one of the renowned companies that offer durable and quality dishwashers. However, despite its performance and durability, lg dishwashers are not immune to malfunctions. One of the common problems that lg dishwasher users face is a blinking light issue.

A blinking light can mean various things, such as detergent or rinse aid warning, water supply issues, malfunctioned motor, etc. Fixing the blinking light issue can be challenging for non-technical individuals. Therefore, it’s essential to troubleshoot the problem before seeking professional help. This article will guide lg dishwasher users on ways to diagnose and fix the blinking light problem.


Understanding The Blinking Light Issue

If you own an lg dishwasher, you may have come across a blinking light issue before. It’s a frustrating problem that can affect the proper functioning of your lg dishwasher. Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the lg dishwasher blinking light issue, its consequences, and possible reasons why your dishwasher might not be functioning correctly.

Define What The Blinking Light Actually Signifies.

When the led lights on an lg dishwasher start blinking, it indicates a malfunction or an error. It’s an indication that the dishwasher is experiencing issues that could lead to poor performance. Some of the most common reasons for the blinking light on an lg dishwasher include latch failure, water not filling correctly, or a malfunctioning motor.

Explain The Consequences Of Ignoring The Blinking Light.

Ignoring a blinking light on your lg dishwasher might seem like a minor issue, but it can lead to bigger problems down the road. If left unchecked, the blinking light could cause serious malfunctions in the dishwasher’s operating system. From poor cleaning to leakages, it can eventually lead to extensive damage, resulting in costly repairs.

Mention Other Possible Reasons Your Dishwasher Might Not Be Functioning Correctly.

Apart from the blinking light issue, there are other possible reasons why your lg dishwasher might not be functioning properly. It’s crucial to identify the root cause before attempting any repairs. Here are some other possible reasons for dishwasher malfunctions:

  • Clogged dishwasher filters
  • Malfunctioning wash arms
  • Faulty door gasket
  • Electrical problems
  • Corroded or damaged dishwasher racks

Identifying the cause of the issue is the first step towards solving the problem with your lg dishwasher. With proper troubleshooting and diagnosis, you can quickly identify the problem and get your lg dishwasher back up and running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Lg Dishwasher Problems

Do you have an lg dishwasher and noticed the blinking light? Before calling a technician, try troubleshooting the problem yourself. Here are some steps to get started:

  • First, make sure that the lg dishwasher is properly connected and plugged in. Check the circuit breaker to ensure that it’s not tripped.
  • If the dishwasher is not powering on, check the control panel. Make sure that the cycle has been selected and that the door is properly closed.
  • Check for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or dents on the dishwasher’s door.
  • Look for any visible blockages or clogs in the dishwasher’s drain or filters.

Parts Of The Dishwasher That Might Be To Blame

Sometimes, a blinking light on an lg dishwasher can be an indicator of a more significant problem than just an electrical issue. Here are some parts of the dishwasher that may be causing it to malfunction:

  • The door latch: A faulty door latch can prevent the dishwasher from properly starting.
  • The water inlet valve: This valve controls the flow of water into the dishwasher. If it’s malfunctioning, the dishwasher may not fill up with enough water.
  • The drain pump: This pump helps to remove the dirty water from the dishwasher. A malfunctioning drain pump could prevent the dishwasher from draining correctly.
  • The heating element: This element helps to heat the water in the dishwasher. If it’s not working properly, the dishwasher may not be able to clean dishes effectively.

Examples Of Specific Parts That Could Cause The Light To Blink

If you’ve tried troubleshooting your lg dishwasher, and the blinking light is still present, here are some specific parts that could be causing the issue:

  • Faulty float switch: This switch is responsible for monitoring the water level and preventing overfilling. If it’s malfunctioning, the dishwasher may not fill with water at all.
  • Bad control board: If the control board is faulty, it can prevent the proper functioning of the dishwasher.
  • Dirty sensor: A dirty sensor can result in the dishwasher not sensing the water level correctly, which can cause the dishwasher to overfill or not fill at all.

Remember, if you’re unsure of how to diagnose or troubleshoot the problem with your lg dishwasher blinking light, it’s always best to call a technician. By using these basic steps and checking the dishwasher for visible issues, you may be able to avoid an unnecessary expense.

Resolving The Blinking Light Issue

Is your lg dishwasher constantly blinking its lights, leaving you in confusion about what to do? No need to worry! Read on to discover how to troubleshoot and resolve the blinking light issue yourself.

Provide A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Troubleshoot And Fix The Problem

Here are the five-step guide for you to follow to resolve the blinking light issue:

  • First and foremost, turn off the dishwasher and unplug it from the outlet.
  • Check the float valve in the dishwasher. If it’s stuck in the upward position, gently move it to the downward position.
  • Examine the door to see if it’s closed correctly. Check for any blockages or damages around the door area.
  • Inspect the filters and clean them if they’re dirty. Dirty filters might cause the blinking lights to come on.
  • Plug the dishwasher back in and restart it. The blinking light should have disappeared if the issue was resolved.

Offer Advice On When You Might Need To Call A Professional For Help

If the troubleshooting tips above haven’t resolved the blinking light issue, and your dishwasher is still not functioning well, it’s time to call for professional help. Here are a few signs that indicate when it’s time to call in a dishwasher repair expert:

  • The dishwasher keeps blinking its lights, despite repeated attempts to troubleshoot and fix the problem.
  • You notice any strange noises, leakage, or burning smells coming from the dishwasher.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t start at all, or it stops working in the middle of a cycle.

Expand On The Potential Consequences Of Delaying Repairs

Delaying repairs to your lg dishwasher can cause several issues affecting its overall functionality. Here are some potential consequences of neglecting to fix the blinking lights issue:

  • Frequent blinking lights could indicate a blockage or clogged filters in the dishwasher, which can prevent the appliance from cleaning dishes thoroughly.
  • A faulty float valve can cause the dishwasher to overflow with water. If this happens, it could lead to water damage on your kitchen floor or other areas around the dishwasher.
  • Continuously running the dishwasher with blinking lights increases the energy usage, resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • A delay in fixing the blinking light issue can cause further damage to other parts of the dishwasher, leading to expensive repairs or replacement.

Remember to prioritize timely repairs to ensure your lg dishwasher remains in proper working condition, and to avoid related issues with other appliances in your home.

Preventing Future Issues With Your Lg Dishwasher

Investing in a modern dishwasher like lg is a significant improvement in your home. It makes dishwashing more comfortable, time-saving, and energy-efficient. If you aim to keep it running smoothly, you need to take care of it. Considering the amount of use an average dishwasher performs, their level of performance, and durability, it’s vital to follow some maintenance tips.

Here are some tips to follow to prevent future issues with your lg dishwasher:

Discuss Maintenance Tips And Best Practices For Keeping Your Dishwasher Running Smoothly.

  • Regular cleaning of the dishwasher is crucial to keep it performing at its best. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside, inside, and around the dishwasher door. Use a dishwasher cleaner such as white vinegar or baking soda to clean the interior and eliminate bad odors.
  • Make sure to perform a routine check of your dishwasher. Inspect the spinning arms to ensure they can rotate freely without any blockage.
  • Always check the dishwasher’s water inlet valve; this is a small mechanism where the water supply hose connects to the dishwasher.
  • Ensure that the spray armholes are free from debris or any other substance, which can lead to water blockage, affecting the proper functioning of your dishwasher.

Mention The Importance Of Regular Cleaning And Filter Replacement.

The dishwasher filter is also an important component that should be cleaned regularly to make sure the dishwasher operates efficiently. Over time, the filter collects food debris, which can lead to blockages. This may prevent water from reaching the spray armholes, resulting in poor cleaning performance.

  • Ensure the dishwasher filter is cleaned regularly to maintain its performance. This can be done in a few simple steps. First, locate the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher. Second, remove the filter and rinse it under running water. Finally, place it back carefully.

Provide Readers With Some Dishwasher Care Dos And Don’Ts.

  • Do clean the dishwasher interior and exterior regularly, especially around the door seal.
  • Do check the spinning arms, water inlet valve, and spray armholes for any blockages that could hinder the dishwasher’s performance.
  • Do clean the dishwasher filter regularly to maintain its performance.
  • Don’t overload the dishwasher; it not only puts a strain on the dishwasher, but it also affects its cleaning ability.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners when cleaning your dishwasher. They can cause scratches to the interior, which could harbor bacteria and reduce the dishwasher’s life span.

By following these tips, you can prevent future issues with your lg dishwasher and keep it in excellent condition. A well-maintained dishwasher can work more efficiently and increase its lifespan, giving you years of hassle-free dishwashing.

Frequently Asked Questions For Lg Dishwasher Blinking Light

How Do I Reset My Lg Dishwasher Blinking Light?

To reset your lg dishwasher’s blinking light, press and hold the start/cancel button for 5 seconds or until the light blinks.

Why Is The Lg Dishwasher Blinking Light?

The blinking light on your lg dishwasher may indicate low water pressure, dirty filters, or a malfunctioning pump.

How Do I Clean The Filters On My Lg Dishwasher?

To clean the filters on your lg dishwasher, remove the lower rack and wash the filters under running water.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Lg Dishwasher?

If your lg dishwasher is malfunctioning, troubleshoot by checking the water supply, power source, filters, and spray arm.

Why Won’T My Lg Dishwasher Start?

If your lg dishwasher won’t start, check the power supply, door latch, control panel, and circuit board for malfunctions.


If you are experiencing an lg dishwasher blinking light, it could be caused by a variety of factors. From a simple malfunction to a more complex issue, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem before attempting any repairs.

By following the troubleshooting tips discussed in this blog post, you can quickly and easily diagnose the issue and get your dishwasher running smoothly again. Don’t let a pesky blinking light disrupt your daily routine. With some simple steps and a bit of patience, your dishwasher can be back to its efficient and effective self in no time.

As always, it is recommended to consult with a professional technician if you are unsure about any repairs or have further questions about your lg dishwasher. Keep your kitchen clean and your dishes sparkling with a fully functioning dishwasher.

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